The Best Legal Highs Out There!


Before I start reviewing all of these legal drugs that I have tried so that I can give you a clearer picture of them, I think I should tell you a thing or two about myself, just to give you some insight into my past experiences that, I believe, make me more than qualified to talk about what you can expect from these legal drugs.

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Namely, up until a few years ago, my life resembled a mix between Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and La Plan├Ęte Sauvage, a French cartoon you do not wish to watch high. Let’s just say that I have tried everything that was ever grown on this planet and everything anyone has ever produced in their lab in the last fifteen years. All in all, I have experience.

That is why I was surprised to find out how incredibly effective and mind-altering these new mood enhancement legal drugs can be. They give you the same kick you get from much heavier stuff, stuff that will harm your body and stuff that will get you in more than a few sticky situations with the law. In fact, there is absolutely no reason why anyone would still be using illegal drugs when these legal drugs can produce the same effects, be those the effects you need for a party, for hanging out with friends or just chilling out.

1. Bliss Extreme Mood Enhancer

The first drug I wanted to talk to you about is Bliss Extreme Mood Enhancer, or simply Bliss. This pill has been on the market for quite some while and for a reason. It is a perfect option for pretty much every situation. If you want to party like an animal, it can give you that; if you want to hang out with a few buddies, it enhances your thinking and gives you amazing new ideas. Even if you want to spend a quiet evening inside with your significant other, you can rest assured that you will have the time of your life with Bliss. Trust me.

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2. Energy Squared Herbal Energizer Pills

These might just be my favorite party pills, the Energy Squared pills. First of all, they provide me with an energy boost that I couldn’t get even from the most high-powered X mixed with gallons of energy drinks. And then, it provides another effect and that is the enhancement of pretty much everything you see, hear, feel or touch. It is incredible. When you go to a crazy party on Energy Squared, it is the best party ever. You feel every beat, you smell the pheromones and you feel like you could go for days. And you can. Just keep hydrated.

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3. Red Dawn Liquid

Now, this is a companion to have when you are checking out some real intense parties. You just know that you are going to need some wind in your sails and Red Dawn provides you with a goddamn hurricane! When I first tried Red Dawn, I was sure that there is no way this can be legal. And it turns out it is! Just imagine the kick you get from the most powerful energy drink and then multiply it with about a gazillion. Plus, you can rest assured that the lights, the tunes and everyone around you will come at you on a whole other level. An amazing thing!

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4. Red X Dawn Spark 4D

As soon as I discovered Red Dawn Liquid that I told you about above, I simply had to check out another legal drug from the same guys, Red X Dawn Spark 4D. The name couldn’t suit this product better. It is as if someone hooked you up to the battery of your car and revved it up until the valves went out. It is a pill that provides you with all the juice you get from energy drink and you simply do not have to worry about any side effects. And everyone who has had a few experiences with energy drinks will know what I am talking about. No more feeling jittery, cranky or uncomfortable. It is all power without the drop.

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5. Red X Dawn Vector EXtra Pill

If you thought that the amazing world of Red X Dawn products ended with the two legal drugs I talked to you about in the previous two paragraphs, then you were wrong. Here comes the so called Red X Dawn Vector EXtra pill and it truly is an extra pill. It is meant for the craziest partiers out there and it is pretty much the only legal drug that can satisfy the needs of the pickiest of clientele. It is perfect for meeting people and sharing your inner being with them. Plus, you feel charged like a Ford Mustang.

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6. Vector Shot Energy & Mood Enhancer

I have never been to trusting towards liquid aphrodisiacs, especially if they are legal. However, after I tried Vector Shot, I changed my mind. I started realizing why it is called liquid orgasm in about fifteen minutes. I didn’t tell my girlfriend that I took it and let’s just say that she cannot speak clearly right now. Her throat has been destroyed by all the screaming and I give it all to Vector Shot. It gave me so much energy and it made sex so much better that I turned into a whole new person. She tried it also and she says it also made her reach orgasms like she never had in the past.

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7. Happy Camper

Now here is a drug for the Average Joe. This legal drug is best described as sunshine in a capsule. I have felt down on more than a few occasions since I started partying that hard and decided to take life in all its cruelty. However, I know that I can always count on Happy Camper to pick me up and show me that things aren’t that bad. Even the most boring of activities can become too much fun with Happy Camper. A cute name for a product that makes life cute.

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8. Upliftisol

Upliftisol is another legal drug that is meant to pick you up and it does the job excellently. I could not believe that this pill was legal. I mean, there are antidepressants that cannot come close to this incredible pill. And it’s not just that. Upliftisol gives you mood elevation that somehow feels natural and light. And that is something that should not be ignored when we are talking about this amazing legal mood enhancer.

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9. Kratom XL

Kratom XL is what I use to chill. I have tried at least 50 different types and sub-types and sub-sub-types of pot in my life, checking out the strains that came as far away as from Siberia and I love the calm that pot gives you. Well, I can tell you that with Kratom XL you get the same thing, only without the occasional paranoia that used to ruin some of my pot experiences. With Kratom XL, you are getting a perfectly legal high that is just as good, if not better than most pot highs.

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10. Hangover Magic

After I tried Hangover Magic one time before my buddy’s wedding, I keep it right by my side at all times. You never know when you might need hangover prevention and there is no better thing in this world than Hangover Magic. You can get wasted like a goddamn Russian and you will be able to function completely properly the next day. No headaches, no dizziness, no fuzziness of the tongue. You know how there is that Get Out of Jail Free card in Monopoly. Well, this is it when it comes to partying and hangovers.

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