Not For Human Consumption


Lately I have been checking out various legal high pills and trying to find out more about them, simply because regular high pills have a tendency to mess ones life up, if not with their medical effects on the body, then surely with the legality or more precisely, the illegality of their use. When I was younger, I had a sort of carelessness about what might happen to me if I used illegal drugs and this included the potential health problems but also the problems with the law. As far as the first set of problems goes, it didnt take me long to figure out what was wreaking the most havoc in my body and so I quickly gave up many different ways of having fun. However, I also realized that quite a bit of stuff that I like and that I found not to be (too) damaging for the health is illegal and thus can lead to many potential social problems as a result of the interference of the law in things that I consider should be made a matter of personal choice.

I now have a serious job and various social interactions that would greatly suffer from me being involved in any sort of illegal activity, especially something involving drugs, but I still cannot give up on the feeling of being high. I am a responsible and mature adult and I know which places and which times are for such things and which definitely arent. In fact I think that I can even say that I know this much better than many of my friends and colleagues that havent tried anything illegal in their lives, but still they tend to destroy themselves with alcohol wherever and whenever they get half a chance. There is lots of hypocrisy in the world of getting high and people who drink tend to act holier than thou towards weed smokers and those that tend to pop various high pills. Luckily for us who love to have some fun with the effects of various plants and chemicals on the brain, science has reached incredible heights and nowadays there are various substances that are fully legal to sell and to own and they make for amazing legal high pills. Of course, there is a massive warning on all of the boxes of these legal high pills that I checked out so far that they are not for human consumption.

I am guessing that they arent selling them so that you can feed them to your dog, but if that particular warning is what keeps them legal to buy over the counter, I am willing to let it pass.  But it still looks silly when you see the sign on a box of legal high pills  its not like when you see it on a baggy of incense or on incense sticks, because with those it is entirely clear that they can and should be used otherwise, but with easy-to-swallow pills, reading Not for human consumption on the packaging feels sort of funny.